25 lesbian flicks that you must see – HER

Maybe you’ve updated your own LGBTQ+ movie favs recently? This selection of loveable lesbian figures showing the great, terrible and all things in between is one thing you can’t miss ???? ????

There is something for all here, including romances, thrillers, coming-of-age tales and musicals. Relax and revel in some of these flicks for a solo night in, with pals, or with a hot time.

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In no certain order, every one of these movies may find a unique area in your motion picture evening rotation.»

Discover these flicks on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, HBO maximum and much more.

The Miseducation of Cameron Article (2018)

Emerge the 90s,

The Miseducation of Cameron Article

employs the story of protagonist Cameron article after she’s provided for conversion therapy by the woman conventional moms and dads after getting caught having sex inside her sweetheart Coley Taylor’s automobile ????????.

The film is an excellent accept individualism and discovering your freedom, and Chloë Grace Moretz and Sasha Lane as a number of the starring figures is an advantage.

Crush (2022)


movie stars Rowan Blanchard and Auli’i Cravalho over the trip of aspiring musician Paige Evans signing up for the track team to get near to her crush. Situations just take a turn when she drops on her crushes twin-sister.

Stick to this stunning teen really love story that shows the all as well genuine feeling of having an adolescent crush.

Ride or Die (2021)

This film relies down on Ching Nakamura’s manga show Gunjō. Japan crisis uses the storyline of Rei (starred by Kizo Mizuhara), whom kills the woman friend’s abusive husband. After running due to their life as a result of the criminal activity, in the process, they discover their thoughts for each and every additional.

This action-packed film helps to keep you on your own toes, and another bonus will be the Japanese lesbian representation



The Half of It (2020)

Another film getting Asian representation,

The Half of It

comes after the storyline of timid straight-A college student Ellie Chu who ultimately ends up falling for Aster Flores, the gf of popular football member.

Authored and guided by Alice Wu, she tells the story of Ellie falling for Aster after her date Paul recruits the woman to ghost-write love characters to his sweetheart Aster for him. Throughout the procedure, she starts to understand the woman true feelings for Aster.

The Prom (2020)

The Prom

is guided by famous manager Ryan Murphy and it is a version for the Broadway musical of the same title.

Emma (starred by Jo Ellen Pellman) is declined taking the woman gf (played by Ariana DeBose) to prom, thus some underdog Broadway movie stars assist her to use the woman sound and talk around for herself.

This motion picture may have your base tapping and performing by the end!

Pariah (2011)

Award-winning Sundance film,


showcases the story of Alike (starred by Adepero Oduye), a lesbian residing Brooklyn’s Fort Greene. She silently welcomes her lesbian identification because she’s unsure if her parents encourage the girl.

Alike’s mom introduces this lady to an associate’s girl, and there’s an instantaneous love link. In the flick, we see a black colored teen navigating the woman concealed identification, and additionally touching on motifs of attractive immigrant moms and dads versus following your contentment.

Rafiki (2018)


could be the very first Kenyan film screened in the Cannes Film Festival.

In the film, we follow the really love story of Kena and Ziki. Staying in Kenya, where it is not constantly recognized becoming queer, they navigate family and governmental force to verify.

I Can’t Think Straight (2008)

Here’s some queer South Asian representation! This film comes after the relationship of Tala (Lisa Ray), a young Jordanian of Palestinian lineage, finding your way through her wedding ceremony to Leyla (Sheetal Sheth), a British Indian.

The storyline shows the dynamics around becoming queer in southern area Asian culture and provides a plunge into wedding ceremony tradition aswell.

Blue may be the Warmest Color (2013)

You can’t overlook this traditional lesbian flick ????

This concerns the story of Adèle, an introverted fifteen-year-old whom types a-deep mental and intimate experience of a form of art college student Emma she satisfies at a Lesbian bar. While Emma’s available family is actually inviting to Adele, Adèle’s household does not welcome Emma. See how she navigates this quest in life and really love.

Unpregnant (2020)


movie stars Barbie Ferreria and Haley Lu Richardson. Seventeen-year-old Veronica finds she is pregnant and tries help in driving cross-country in order to get an abortion from her buddy Bailey.

Though it’s maybe not the focus associated with film, Bailey is on its way to conditions together with her sexuality all while navigating teen struggles.

Dating Amber

Both Amber (Lola Petticrew) and Eddie (Finn O’Shea) tend to be closeted. Both are pretending as of yet both, thus everybody knows. Through the entire movie, they figure out how to accept on their own and their particular sexualities.

The Perfection

A lesbian thriller? Sign united states up!

Practice troubled music prodigy Charlotte and a brand new celebrity student on the harmful path they wind up taking place for their selections. You will end up in the side of the chair.

Duck Butter

Those two ladies are fed up with their particular interactions (with men), so that they choose invest twenty four hours with each other to find out if capable do better. This film gives another meaning to lesbian love.

To Each And Every, Her Very Own

Part of a conventional Jewish family, Simone is actually working in the courage to come aside as a lesbian to the woman family whenever she develops a crush on a dashing male cook.

The movie does a great job of coming in contact with in the fluidity of sex and interest on a spectrum.

Nina’s Heavenly Delights

After Nina’s parent dies, she’s got to go back home to Glasgow to hold the woman family’s restaurant going. She fulfills Lisa the master of half of the cafe and romance arises. For delicious-looking food, lesbian really love plus, view this film.

Life Lovers

Sasha (a lesbian) and Paige (straight) might be best friends. Their unique friendship is actually threatened whenever Paige drops for a unique guy also it changes their particular connect. If you enjoy to laugh, this movie has you in rips.

Happiest Season

Enter the vacation character with this particular weird xmas film based around protagonist Abby Holland’s (played by Kristen Stewart) intentions to recommend to the woman sweetheart Harper Caldwell (Mackenzie Davis). She discovers on the road to the woman parents’ home to expend Christmas that she is not out for them but.

This film will pull at the heartstrings to make you have a good laugh and cry.

Preserving Face

Wil is actually busy managing her career as a doctor while trying to please the woman conventional Chinese mommy. Unfortunately, her mama doesn’t agree of her union along with her gf Vivian.

Whenever her mom comes up with shock development it rocks Wil’s world. This movie certainly will help keep you in your feet straight through.


This lighthearted adolescent comedy is an excellent palate facial cleanser in a sea of iffy lesbian flicks. Though Amy is actually a lesbian and Molly is actually right, the figures tend to be revealed in a relatable method navigating the pros and cons of existence as a teen– with a little humor.

This flick is very good because each fictional character is actually dynamic and found as a lot more than their unique intimate identification.

The Kids Are Typical Correct

This package’s regarding regarding the lesbian mothers available. an old lesbian few is actually confronted by the donor of the youngsters. They navigate the struggle and choice of what you should do within the desires associated with children.

This film needs some work because it does element non-lesbian actors playing the character of lesbians, but it’s an excellent tale symbolizing a typically underrepresented class.

The Four-faced Liar

This movie centers around a buddy party with two lovers and a lesbian friend. One friend Molly is bored with her commitment and appears somewhere else when she drops deeply in love with lesbian Bridget.

Reach this film for a reassuring dosage of fact and a whole lot of laughter.

Area in Rome (2010)

This love film takes place in the metropolis of love and follows the building link between Alba and Natasha. The bond blooms at the most unexpected time and unexpected spot. This flick is sensual, passionate and passionate, therefore are available prepared.

The Handmaiden (2016)

That is a screen edition of Sarah Waters’ book


but changed from occurring in Victorian The united kingdomt to Japanese-occupied Korea. As a lady starts building feelings for her handmaiden, it gets a sinister, sexual mystery. The handmaiden is tasked with tricking the woman regarding her inheritance which contributes another layer.

Come for love, challenge and dark colored humor.

Exactly About E (2015)

The story for this film is enough to hook you alone: An Lebanese lesbian DJ is found on the run together with her husband– who she only married regarding convenience. She got a bag of money and went away from home to leave the pain sensation of remaining closeted to her moms and dads. Whenever she hides out in the pub where her ex-girlfriend Trish familiar with work, sparks remain traveling.

Has actually this plotline acquired you over yet?

Elisa and Marcela (2019)

It Is an additional one of many lesbian films on Netflix ✨

a really love tale considering a genuine relationship that took in Galicia, Spain

Elisa and Marcela

informs the tale regarding the blossoming commitment between your title figures. Occurring in 1885, their really love became a friendship and evolved into lesbian really love at one time whenever actually speaking the term lesbian was actually thought about taboo. In 1901, Elisa masqueraded as a male to fool a priest into marrying them.

The movie isn’t great, as it misses a number of the level of Elisa and Marcela’s commitment, but it is a stark note of just how much changed with becoming a lesbian in community.

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